Ottawa Sedation Dentists

Sedation dentistry is not needed by everyone, and Ottawa Sedation Dentists are proud to care for many patients that are perfectly comfortable with the idea of a dental appointment. But for those people that require the additional comfort that is provided through IV sedation, Ottawa Sedation Dentists understand your needs and can accommodate them without question.

Some of their patients have previously tried oral sedation or nitrous oxide and were unable to achieve the level of comfort that they needed to go through with a course of treatment. For them, the team offers the next level of sedation services with IV sedation. IV sedation dentistry allows the particularly anxious patients to receive the care that they need without worry or fear.

Ottawa Sedation Dental Group makes your oral health, now and in the future, a top priority. If you suspect you have teeth problems and/or may benefit from a dental opinion, book an appointment with them today. They welcome new patients or patients seeking second opinions. 

Below you can find the contact information of Ottawa Dentists:

Ottawa Sedation Dentists

Address: 441 MacLaren St
Ottawa, ON K2P 2R2

Phone: (613) 567-1700