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Most do not know when “now” is a good time to have a dental exam to find out the condition of their teeth and gums. Why this happens is because they think that because they floss and brush daily, that should be sufficient effort to keep their mouth healthy. On the contrary, tooth decay can manifest a mouth regardless of the effort put into keeping it clean.

There are many of us living in Ottawa that do not enjoy going to the dentist for one reason, the pain. Moreover, there are some of us that are absolutely afraid to go because of this very same reasoning. Now the dental community has access to sedation and this is just not a process of putting someone to sleep.

There are different kinds of dentistry out there and each of them has its own process to solve your dental problem.

Ottawa Dentists provide many different treatments from restorative dentistry to cosmetic dentistry and general dentistry. They also use the latest and most advanced technologies available to the dental industry to solve your dental problem. 

If you want to get rid of your dental problems and want to have a healthier smile and boost your confidence then you can trust on these Ottawa Dentists for the right solution.

Trillium Dental

340 March Rd Suite 303
Ottawa, ON K2K 2E2

Phone: (613) 595-1360


Ottawa Sedation Dentists

441 MacLaren St
Ottawa, ON K2P 2R2

Phone: (613) 567-1700


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Dr. Saso

441 MacLaren St #370
Ottawa, ON K2P 2H3

Phone: (613) 701-0888

Rideau Dental Centre

50 Rideau St #204
Ottawa, ON K1N 9J7

Phone: (613) 230-7475

Sparks Dental Clinic

240 Sparks St
Ottawa, ON K1P 6C9

Phone: (613) 232-1411